Japanese High Quality Kikuwa Bonsai Tools

L V Bonsai stock a wide range of bonsai tools available for purchase from the nursery or by mail order.
For further details please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Small Scissor £19
Large Scissor £25
Defoliating Scissor £25
Small Stainless Steel Scissor £35
Large Stainless Steel Scissor £40
Professional Spring Loaded Scissor £45
Root Scissor £20
Straight Handle Scissor £25
Small Wen/Knob Cutter £39
Large Wen/Knob Cutter £39
Bud Side Cutter £39
Large Side Cutter £39
Extra Large Side Cutter £49
Wire Cutter £39
Small Spring Wire Cutter £39
Long Handled Wire Cutter £45
Wire Scissor. Cuts to 2mm Wire £16
Wire Scissor. Cuts to 2mm Wire Stainless Steel £35
Long Handled Wire Scissor Cuts to 2mm Wire £29
High Quality Jin Plier £29
High Quality Side Jin Plier £35
Stainless Steel Tweezer £10
Stainless Steel Angled Tweezer £10
Stainless Steel Bud Tweezers with Blade Cutters £29
Single Prong Root Hook £15
Double Prong Root Hook £15
Triple Prong Root Hook £15
Shohin Root Hook £20
Stainless Steel Rake £10
Repotting Sickle £25
Japanese Coco Brush £5
Brass Cleaning Brush £8
Long Double Ended Cleaning Steel Brush £9
Angle Ended Carving Chisel £19
Round Ended Carving Chisel £19