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LV Bonsai is the biggest Bonsai tree nursery in Kent, with close links to the M25/M2/M20/A20 and A2 road networks.  The nursery is a 30 minute drive from London, 40 minutes from Gatwick, 1 hour from the South coast or ten minutes from Bluewater.

Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai caters for everything that the Bonsai tree enthusiast could want, at the most competitive prices.

As one of the largest importers of specimen Japanese Bonsai trees into the UK, you cannot falter to find something that will appeal to all the senses.  All year round, the nursery is awash with an array of colour, texture and aroma from the vast variety of Bonsai trees that are on sale here.  Each Bonsai tree that is imported has been handpicked by Lee Verhorevoort himself from the vast collections that are available from the best Japanese growers, from Takamatsu in the South of Japan to Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo until eventually reaching Hokaido in the north of the country.  Lee frequently visits Japan to purchase the best quality Bonsai trees, accessories and sundries and thus guarantee that the UK market remains at the forefront of Bonsai outside of Japan.


LV Bonsai - Lee Verhorevoort


Due to the erratic shipping price etc unfortunately no prices are available.  Please Contact me if you would like to be notified of their arrival.  Thanks

Due to quarantine restrictions Junipers, Pines and Chamaecyparis are subject to a minimum of three month inspection but can be reserved with a 50% deposit.

There is a wide variety of Bonsai materials to pick from to ensure that every level of Bonsai enthusiast is catered for.  There are starter Bonsai trees for the beginner, moving up in range of price and quality to highly refined specimen Bonsai trees, accessories and sundries.  For those who wish to become more adept at looking after their own Bonsai trees, or for those who wish to hone their skills there are a large number of workshops available at the nursery.  Alternatively, for those wishing to seek a little private sanctuary with their Bonsai trees, Lee will also cater for those wanting private tuition (individuals or groups) or private consultancy work.  For those wishing to compliment their collections a Japanese garden design consultancy is also available.

Lee is able to offer the best advice, training and workmanship having acquired a wealth of knowledge from his time living and working in Japan on various specialist Bonsai nurseries, with some of the most influential Japanese Bonsai tree growers.  His repertoire includes refinement, grafting, air layering and field growing to name but a few.  This has led to Lee becoming an authority on a wide range of tree varieties and techniques and writing about these in the best selling Bonsai magazines and journals.  As well as his collections being on display at Bonsai shows around the world (Chelsea Flower Show-UK and Meifu-Ten in Japan), you will also find Lee, with trees and accessories for sale and plenty of welcome advice, at the many Bonsai and Koi shows held around the country.  Through also demonstrating at these shows, he has built up a formidable reputation as a favourite on the speaker’s circuit and, regularly gives demonstrations and advice at the many Bonsai clubs of Europe.

So, whether you are completely new to the world of Bonsai or, are flourishing with your collection, come and explore at Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai for advice, inspiration and something new to add to your collection.

One of my buying trips in Japan.